bring it on ...

It seems the ice-demons have come to visit. yesterday it was the first time in recorded Australian history that snow was falling at sea-level. The cold wiped a few people from the mat - as we had only about a dozen hard core attend the advanced (blue belt and higher) BJJ class at my school in geelong. Sometimes, life (and weather) makes the decision to leave our armchair at home and get to the mat, a difficult one - but in my experience, those determined few who make their way anyways, depsite hail, rain, sleet or snow always seem to emerge far better for the effort after class is done. Attaining any goal is always a series of small steps - every step counts as much as the ones that preceed and follow it - don't let bad weather or a bad day interfere with something so great, empowering, technical and fun as our martial arts practice.


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