Comp is done for '05!

The nationals went off without a hitch. No serious injuries and the day finished 1/2 hour over schedule - 4:30pm. With four mats running perfectly, and the draw, and time schedules for each division and each mat, up on a wall for all to see - the whole event was so streamlined that we literally cut several hours off the usual time.
I shall post results and some pics over the next day or two.
Visitin guest from LA, Bob Bass, just finished two seminars at my Geelong School; one for white belts and the other for blues and higher. I think everyone had a great time - i know i did! he will be running another session this friday evening at Albion BJJ, followed by two more big sessions at Dominance jiu Jitsu in richmond o Saturday. After that he will be heading toi Sydney (sunday) to hold a session at Steve percevals Gym in Penrith. And a session at matt Coopers school in brisbane - the following weekend. Do NOT miss out on the opportunity to train with the World's first non Brazilian BJJ Black Belt!
my sincere thanks to all who helped my organize the event - especially, John Brown, Pete Ruggerri, the amazing team of refs - and my wonderful wife melissa (who incidentally, does the work of ten men! - Without our women guys, seriously, how diffferent our lives would be. We need to appreciater them more fully - at least i do!!
And visiting guests from interstate and overseas (new Zealand) - thanks for the great support and show of solidarity. What a fantastic effort to come and be a part of this day.
Good training to all - i need to play with my family for a few hours.
best wishes,


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