Critical Moments

Someone asked me today about how they could go about improving their ability to escape from the bottom - in particular, when under an oponent' side control. One bit of advice i offered was the concept of identifying the 'critical moment' - that is, that 'pivota;' moment, whgen things are about to take a decided 'turn for the worse'. If you can begin to identify these moments, and become adept at making finer and finer distinctions as to when things are about to reach 'a point of no return' - then you will have also begin to identify those moments when you need to 'switch into overdrive' and give it all you've got. This can really make a big difference in your performance. Start to take a close look, at say, the next five or sic times your guard is passed - start to identify those points where you know it is just about to get 'really bad' - then next time you 'reach that point' , go harder, go into overdrive - give it that extra 10% - and you might well begin to turn half or more of those moments into good moments and not bad ones.
Anyways - food for thought - i hope it helps some of you out.

Good training -



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