Learning ....

Last night, Bob Bass gave a basic seminar at Riff Mustaffa's Albion BJJ academy in melbourne. Sadly, riff was pretty ill with the flu and couldn't get on the mat himself. bob is giving two more seminars today at Dominance jiu Jitsu academy in Richmond, before flying to Sydney to teach at steve percevals place in penrith on Sunday. Then it's a few days of surfing and fun in Sydney for him before he heads to Matt Coopers place in brisbane.
A note to all attending seminars: my advice, is to take some control of what you are getting and how detailed yo get the info bu asking the right questions. if you just sit back quietly, the the person teaching the seminar will more often than not, just give you whetever they feel like teaching - it may or may not be relevent, there may be too much or too little detail - so to make it relevent to where you are and what you are thinking, you need to let the instructor know.
I have seen very high level people, just turn up and teach bridging escape, because they couldn't be bothered with the thinking and effort involved in finding out where the students were at ... it is a sad sight to see purple belts doing bridging escape - and paying $70 for it - when the visitng instructor clearly has so much more to offer.

professional instructors have a duty to assess the level of the participants and deliver, as best they can, at that level - the students though, should also be self-responsible with their own learning and ask questions that are have personal relevance. to some degree, the students can often direct the course, tempo and content of any given lesson.

best wishes to all - keep the training fun, safe and rewarding.


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