Pain Compliance

Please do not expect me to relate all the funny moments that I experience on this blog - however, this one, is fairly frsh off the press and, to my mind at least, was very funny.
I was teaching some pain compliance removal techniques at the Wellington police academy last week - and I had one of the Diplomatic Protection Squad members pinning someone down in Side Control - when the guy underneath let out a whelp of pain. I asked if he was okay - when the DPS operator disengaged and noticed he had a kinda fat pen in his overalls - this pen, being jammed into the sternum of the guy underneath is what led to the nasty surpise - but the greater surpise came when he looked at me, holding the pen and sheepinshly decalred 'ha - now that's Pen Compliance!' hey - I thought it was funny - who said that DPS guys akk has their sense of humor surgically removed in training ?



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