Seminar Schedule

A few people have e-mailed me asking about my seminar schedule for the remainder of the year. I will post it here - but I am sure Web-legend geoff will get it up on the site sometime during the next week or so. On another note - i am unsure if many people are reading these logs - but for those who are, please forgive my spelling errors - i am not bothering to spell-check or go over what I am writing. it will only ever be quick thoughts, quick typing - and the shocking typos that go with that process. all the best - JBW

Sept 2nd - Adelaide: Darren Cartwright
Sept 3rd - Perth: Steve Stevenson
Sept 3rd - Perth: Mike Holmes
Sept 3rd - Perth: Paul Marsden
Sept 4th - Perth: Adam Metcalf
Sept 4th - Perth: Troy Flugge
Sept 30th - Canberra: Danny Weir
Oct 1st - Canberra: Australian Defence Forces
Oct 7th - Gold Coast: David MacDonald
Oct 8th - Brisbane: Matt Cooper
Oct 22nd - Woolongong: Rob Bowen
Oct 22nd - Sutherland: Mick Spinks
Oct 23rd - Penrith: Steve Perceval
Oct 23rd - Liverpool: Fari Salievski
Nov 4th - Bargo: David Suker
Nov 5th - Campbelltown: Michael Scott
Nov 5th - Fari Salievski
Nov 6th - Manly nth: Anthony Lange
Nov 6th - Kingsgrove: Luke Pezzutti
Nov 26th - Auckland: Mike Fooks
Nov 26th - Auckland: Mike Gent
Nov 27th - Auckland: Glen tarrant
Nov 27th - Hamilton: Ian Waite/Paula Ludwicki
Nov 28th - Napier: Shayne Cox
Nov 30th - Wellington: Police Academy Defensive Tactics Unit
Nov 30th - Wellington: Geoff Grant
Dec 2nd - Christchurch: Geoff Aitken


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