Thanks for the thanks ....

A day off! A couple of private lessons to do this morning - then I have a day off till class this evening. Which i am looking forward to. So I'll take this chance to thank all those people who have sent me e-mails thanking me for a great tournament. i appreciate all your e-mails and kind words of appreciation - but evryone has to know, that it was a team effort that made all this happen. So i would again like to thank everyone in return; those who helped, those who came, those who competed and those who spectated.
The various teams from interstate and overseas were fantastic. What an effort! it is great to have you all here - and a pleasure to have many of you on my mat this week. our novice BJJ class last night had thirty three people in it - crowded, but a lot of fun. See yuo again this evening.
So take care - and good training to all.


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