Thanks for your feedback ...

thanks to all those people in new Zealand who took time to send me e-mails after my visit. i think i have replied to everyone. Your positive and wonderful feedback is greatly appreciated, as was your hospitality. i look forward to my returning visit in november.
Just gearing up for the Nationals which are in ten days time. i will be doing the draw midway through next week - in the hope that this will significantly speed up the process on the day. trophies and sponsorship prize-packs are all done - and are even better this year. I am looking forward to the day - but have to admit that i'll be releived when it is over. loads of work behind the scenes. Bob Bass (machado's first Black belt) is keen to make his first visit downunder - and I assure everyone, you are in for a treat. He is a wealth of knowledge! I better take a shave - get the kit on and get to class here in geelong. i think we ahve a guest coming to train from South Africa tonight - he's coming over for two weeks training - I doubt he was prepared for this shocking weather though. take care all - arms, in, chins tucked down and balance where it should be!



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