Home at last ...

It's great to be back home after my trip to mongolia/Siberia.
See the site for a small bit on wrestling with Mongolians at the beijing airport - an event, which set the tone for my whole 9 day trip. As those who have travelled extensively know, we are so very, very lucky here in Australia/new Zealand - our standard of living is the highest in the world - my recent trip re-enforced this concept for me.
The Mongolians in particular, are an amazing people - seeing four year old kids pull themselves up onto horseback and gallop off into the wilderness, is in itself an amazing sight. Their three 'manly sports' are horsemanship, archery and wrestling - and as a race they take great pride in being proficient at these three things. A passionate people, a wild country - and beautiful landscape.
So it's back on the mat for me tonight - and I am looking forward to it. This weekend, i will be travelling to Canberra to conduct a seminar for danny Weir's school, and then i will be working the following day for the Australian Defence Forces, before coming home and spending a precious sunday with my family.
Good training to all - see you on the mat soon.
Best regards,


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