Take another look ...

Remember when you had just started our BJJ training? You learned those first couple of dozen techniques, that for all intents and purposes, served as the foundation of the game you have developed today. Now think about the progress and deeper understanding that you have developed since those formative days - you are more than likely a completely different person now; with different views and outlooks, and no doubt, having a better appreciation of how things work (or don't work). So consider the notion of going back and re-thinking or re-looking at all those techniques and strategies that you have built your 'game' on - and in looking at those things with the 'new eyes' that you now have - perhaps you can make improvements and modifications that can help bring about that growth spurt you want.

Always be willing to go back and take another look - re-visit old ideas, techniques and strategies as if they were the key to your continued development. As the saying goes - "The older I got, the smarter my father got!" Understand this basic principle and improve.
Good training,


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