Process not Goal ...

I have many stories that I could use to illustrate this point - both personal and observed. But I will tell you one of my favourites:
Some 15 years ago, I and a friend, decided to do some rock-climbing training. So we sought out Australia's best rockclimber at that time - one Malcolm Matheson - who took us out to Mt Arapiles in Northwestern Victoria to scare the crap out of us for a week.
So day one, we are taken to the face of this climb, that happened to be about 400 foot high. The holds were deep and easy, in fact, were it not for the fear factor, an eight year old could climb it. We are standing there, looking up at the top of the climb (somewhere in the clouds it seemed) and I turned to Malcolm and said "I don't mean to tell you your business, but as we are just beginners, shouldn't we start out on a small rock somewhere and learn get the basics down?"
Malcolm laughed, and said "hey, I just want you to get four foot off the ground, just climb this bit in front of your face". I felt stupid - and immiediately jumped onto the rockface and easily climbed up four or five foot - it was easier than a ladder. Anyone could have done it. I turned to Malcolm - and said "no worries!" He smiled and said the words I will never forget "Now ... repeat!"
And so it went, and up we went.

The moral of the story is simple - don't be side-tracked or freaked out by looking at the 'goal' or the end-point of any journey - instead, look and focus on the only thing that is actually relevant, the steps right in front of your face. If the 'process' is carried out properly, then the 'goal' is actualized.

I was talking to the class about this tonight. They were working escapes. One of the biggest problems people come across when trying to escape from underneath, is that they become overly-focused on where they want to end up (ie: out and on top) - well, no kidding; of course we want to get out - but that has nothing to do with the process of 'doing' the escape. Little by little - do the little bit, that will get you to the next little bit - and so on, until you are out. Same goes with Guard passing, attacking, whatever. Get into the process - learn to enjoy the process - you will lead a fuller life - and you will learn to escape side control a little easier also.


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