An opportunity for re-invention ...

A short note to all who read this blog.
I would like to wish you all a great and safe Christmas. Every year seems to fly by faster than the last.
For myself, I have always viewed the New Year as an opportunity for re-invention. I love to continually re-invent myself; to re-invent the approach I take to teaching; to re-invent the way I relate to my family and friends - to re-invent my outlook on life.
Sometimes I don't change much - if it's all good and is working well, I tend to leave it as is - but more often than not, I find ways to better and improve many areas in my life; both personal and professional.
I have just finished a days work in the school in Geelong - with classes having finished for the year - I have taken the opportunity to spruce up the place with a bunch of new posters I just designed - knock up some new shelves for the kick-pads - and do a few other cosmetic changes in preparation for the new year (big thanks to Sean and Gary who showed up to help me with power tools in hand!)
I will now spend a weeks fun time with my family - and am looking forward to getting back into training on the first monday in 2006. So for those who are making the effort to come visit - I am looking forward to seeing you; looking forward to a great and exciting new year - a year in which I will continue to pursue the ideals of excellence and adventure as is my wont!
So stay safe all - see you on the mat soon.
best wishes,


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