As it is ....

I guess I am mostly preaching to the converted here - but here goes anyways:
Most people, even though they may not see it, are fairly unwilling to change and seriously entertain 'new notions', new paradigms and new approaches to the things we think we understand. Think about it - most of the newspapers in the world still have a daily 'astrology column' but no 'real science' column. Wow - what more evidence do we need to prove that as a species we are definitely into 'holding onto the past'? I am not sure why we are like this - perhaps as long as we are meeting the basics of survival - ie: food, shelter, opportunity to procreate, with the chance for a little fun thrown in - then we find ourselves 'satisfied' enough and we 'settle' right there. Or perhaps it is just the fact that in this age - particularly with the internet at our disposal - we have more information, data and rescources at our fingertips than we have ever had before - and we are just havn't learned to effectively deal with or uitlize that rescorce properly yet - so again, we settle.
I dislike 'settling' - I love the challenge or 'seeing what's over that next horizon - and I have a love and passion for learning.
I am not making any sideways comment on any church, denomination or particular beleif system here - but another example of how we love to hold our beleif systems intact is the fact that in 1054 there could be seen in the sky an incredible light from a supernova outburst in the Crab nebula. This was only reported in societies (at that time: China, Japan and North America) where the Church had not incorporated the Aristoleian dictum that the sky was a perfect and unchanging - created by god that way, for eternity. The easiest response for those unfortunate folk who fell under the sway of the church at that time, was to ignore this incredible phenomenon and pretend it didn't happen. And so in Europe, there was no record of the Supernova. In Asia and north America, there were no religious proscriptions against observing and reporting nature and the supernova was duly noted.
In the same way, it is important for us today, to see the world as it is, and not as we wish it to be. With this in mind - I like to continually look at my training with a fresh and open mind - and not in a way that continues to only verify or justify what i have done to this date.
Food for thought - my apologies if all this is painfully obvious and boring. i shall now hit the mat - for some actual pain.

best wishes,


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