Blue to Purple - accumulate & collate

By this stage, you will have a good understanding of the fundamentals - and you should have between 40-100 hours of actual grappling experience under your belt. That's grappling experience - not just drilling - or sitting and talking about grappling!
You have also probably become addicted to collecting 'new material' - that's okay - your are in (what the financial advisors like to call) the 'accumulation stage'. This means you are developing good breadth in the understanding and application of the art of grappling/BJJ.

But now it's time to do something serious with all these fun ingredients that you have - it's time to bake your own cake.

Purple Belts usually start to put their own 'stamp' on their game. they are becoming clearer on which techniques they prefer and which they tend to use less. Apprentice purples and new purples should be developing their own 'style' of grappling. get clear on your biggest weakness (and start to shore things up) - and get clear on your 'best bet' or 'high percentage' attacks - and further develop them.

Purples also should have some 'depth' to everything they do - by this i mean that they should not only understand a 'swag' of techniques, but they should be fairly clear on how opponents usually respond to these techniques, and be very active in developing 'work-arounds' for those responses.
Purples know loads of techniques, they start to define and refine their game - and they begin to build 'depth'.

I wish everyone the best with their training -


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