Onward from Purple ...

Pre-brown belt tips ...

By this stage, you have an extensive knowledge of BJJ.
Having been exposed to literally hundreds of techniques - you should have developed a game that suits you both physically and mentally. You have 'superior' mat-skills - and strike fear into the hearts of mortal men.
You have more than one 'game' - in fact, you should have several, depending on position. for instance - you should have your 'guard game', your 'passing game' and your 'top/finishing' game all kind of roughed out.
This then provides you with a very solid foundation upon which you will add those techniques and strategies that best suit your personal needs.
You should also have an understanding of'depth' - that is, a knowledge of how an opponent can be expected to react to a given technique, and answers/solutions or ways to best capitalize on his reactions, all worked out.
A brown belt should, by this time, most definitely have acquired the 'habit' of being 'technical'. Almost nothing should done without an accompanying 'eye for detail'. The 'good enough to get by' attitude - is something a brown belt should have left behind over some time ago.

I would also like to think that the brown belt has by this time, looked fairly extensively at other areas of the fight game - and has developed an understanding of ther strengths and limitations of the art he is practicing. This is not the time to be 'blinkered' - it is a time for seeing things as they really are. The brown belt should have some solid fundamentals in stand-up, in takedowns as well as a strong as technical approach to 'finishing' on the ground. Some teaching.instrcuting experience by this time is also the mark of a brown belt.

Hope this helps ..


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