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I am just kicking off with this years seminar schedule - and have already been asked the same question by half a dozen different people. I'm guess it was that article on Warrior tactics, that appeared in Blitz Maagazine, that has sparked the interest. it may or may not be of interest to the BJJ community at large - but here goes anyways, as typing seems to be good therapy for my post-op recovery.
the question: what kind of training do I deliver to military and policing units?

Well the program that I deliver to defensive Tactics Staff and Marine corps M.A.C.E staff at Quantico, as well as Australian Military Unarmed Combat Development cellsand other specialized Law Enforcement groups, is called the RADIX Training Program.
It is a distilled, accelerated learning-based defensive tactics program designed for people who cannot undertake regular and ongoing intensive training - but who need a highly functional, fat-trimmed and holistic defensive Tactics methodology that works in high stress situations.
It takes about 12 hours to get participants up to a functional level after having worked through the following in a scenario-based training format:

- Developing a Plan: Planning and coping strategies for real world assault
- Main Arsenal: Headbutts, elbows and knees
- Pre-Fight Plan: The Formula - setting up the pre-emptive attack
- Safety Boxing: How to box and spar without either partner taking a hit
- Fox-holing: How to cover up against a blitzing attack
- Braving the Storm: Getting in and clinching without being hit
- Taking it to the ground: Real-world clinching and takedowns
- Ground Control: Getting and keeping good position on the ground
- Finishing: Chokes and dislocations from both superior and inferior
position on the ground
- Control and Strap: Controlling and cuffing a non-compliant assailant

Relevance to Martial Arts Schools:

The Problem: For most people, undertaking martial arts training is an ongoing and long-term commitment. People have many and varied reasons for taking up martial arts training. But for almost all of them, the Self Defence aspect rates as one of the most important reasons why they even make a start.
As professional instructors, we understand that realistically speaking, it can take many years of training in the martial arts to attain even the most basic of useable self defence skills when it comes to the nitty-gritty of real-world assault.

Many people/students desist with their martial arts training because they instinctively feel that, although the training provides many other benefits, they could not effectively deal with a vicious and non-choreographed assault from a larger and extremely motivated adversary.

The answer: Have them training in the nitty-gritty right up front at the start of their martial arts training. By utilizing the RADIX training method, I give them the goods they need to survive, whilst they continue with their long-term approach to the study of martial arts, and gain all the benefits that go along with that. The RADIX training method is also used by a few select schools a short course, to draw in the public to a longer study of the martial arts. In other words, it is used as a highly effective entry-level program to get people into long term martial arts training.

Most martial arts training is like saving for your retirement; a great long-term investment, but what happens in the meantime, in the short-term? Retirement savings ar not going to feed me tonight or pay my rent this week. What skills will you need if you are assaulted this week on your way home from training – not in ten years from now, when you have more experience and hundreds of hours of sparring/grappling under your belt? It all comes down to about ten to twelve hours of training in the right things – using strategies and techniques that are absolutely cutting-edge.

Take the knowledge of a seasoned Street-fighter, a ranked Kickboxer and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, then distil it all down into a 12 hour training package and you begin to have an idea of what RADIX Training is all about.

So there you have it. In essence, I teach the essence of what makes the highly practical and combative efective arts work. I teach it in a short amount of time - because most of these serious professionals have so many other skills they need to spend time on, that they just cannot realistically spend the two to three hours per day in Dfeensive Tactics/martial arts training that they would like to spend.

I hope that answers some of the querstions that people are asking. I look forward to see you all on the mat soon.
With two separate trips to Sydney and one to brisbane and the gold Coast in the next month - I will be kept busy before once again visiting my friends in new Zealand. the it's off for a couple of weeks work in the USA - specifically in las vegas for the Chuck Norris UFAF convention, then the MAIA professionals convention, then Seattle, San Fransisco, then other secret stuff - I could tell you but you know what would have to happpen then ...

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