Who does the cutting?

Back from surgery pn my elbow last night. Surprisingly, i can type as well as i could before surgery. the mark of a good surgeon? Anyways - op is over, all seems to have gone well. I have had five ops over the course of my life, and have recovered quickly from all of them. The one thing I have always done is to track down the best surgeon for the job. So if you need surgery on a broken or injured limb - find out who the top pro athletes go to. And go there. What you get for your time (usually some waiting) and money is someone who can get in, do the job, without being overly invasive; meaning, they do not disturb surrounding tissue more than is necessary. this promotes speedy recovery.
Anyways, i am taking a few days off training. Watch a few dvd's and play with my family.
best wishes all,


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