Six days in Aotearoa!

Just returned from six days of seminars and mat-time in new Zealand. What a great group of people! NZ would be one of the best places I have ever travelled to - I highly recommend it as a destination to any and all who want an adventurous holiday. if you need to hit the mat whilst you are there, no problem - check the clubs page on this site for opportunities to train in Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Wellington and Christchurch.

After doing my usual round of work and training with the BJJ afficionadoes, I did a day and a half work at the Wellington police College - with the defensive tactics staff and a few visiting operators from the Dip protection Squad. We accomplished a lot before I had to sprint to the Mt Victoria Kyokushin Dojo for a couple of hours of reality-based training; finally finishing off with a two hour session for my good friend Geoff Grant on the same mat.
That was one long day! Virtually no sleep and then i hit the airport at 4am for the flight back to OZ (yesterday).

So now it's time for some R&R with my family in Fiji - we are just about to leave for the airport; so I thought to get on the blog and let you know i won't be around for just over a week.

Thanks again to all the New Zealand crew - Geoff and Leonie Aitken, Ken Dunstan, Glen tarrant, Mike Fooks (new blue - congrats!), Karl Norton and all of Mike Gent's students, Ian and Paula Waite, Shayne Cox (thanks Sue), Mark humphries, Garreth Reynolds, Chris and Jill Gower - and Geoff Grant (leave my Carb gel alone!)
I look forward to seeing everyone again in August.
best wishes and safe training.
Bula Vunaka!



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