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If you run a business, of any sort, one book I do recommend is a book called 'The E-myth'. Essentially, the book is a guide on why and how you should systemize your business, so that operations become so streamlined and manageable, that anyone can run it for you. Systems-based businesses are the basis of franchising.

Anyways - last week, I began preparing for the annual Will-Machado National BJJ Championships. It won't be held till September, but I thought I would get an early start on it. With the running of a tournament, there are a hundred little things that need to be organized before the event even begins - so I thought that this year I would diarise all the steps and build an Operations Manual as I went along. I have just completed the tasks - and the Operations Manual - for what I need to do 'four months out' from competition date. This is a step by step checklist that outlines every action from getting a PDF of the poster up on the website - to a detailed description of how to print out labels for all the associate and member schools mail-outs. So the theory is, that next year, anyone should be able to pick up that Operations Manual, and make the whole thing happen.

So really it's a simple process - we just need to define a task, and then clearly outline each and every step needed to complete that task. Once that is done, in theory, the task can be replicated by anyone.

How is this relevent to training - well, when tecahing, the whole idea is to have everyone in the class (not just the talented athletes) be able to execute the given technique/move. It most often comes down to how clearly the instructor has outlined and defined the various steps and processes contained in the technique being taught.

So for those out there wanting to pass on their knowledge and take on a teaching role - just remember: if you are not clear on every process that takes place (in the correct order) within a given technique - then it cannot be expected that others can easily copy, learn and understand those same processes.
E-myth every technique you teach!

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