Story-boarding techniques ...

This is a good teaching/coaching strategy that I use quite frequently ...
When coaching a specific technique, I often give a quick run-down on the evolution of the move. ie: the basic approach to it - the new-improved approach (if there is one), the way people try to counter it - and then finally the 'work-around' for that counter - giving the student, the final 'polished' product.
This 'story-board' approach not only allows the students to see the logical progression of the technique and how it has evolved, but always results in them 'remembering' it in much more detail later on.
Also, by providing them with the 'whole story' - the students become far more qualified to enter the creative process themslves and take the move to another level again.
pretty basic stuff I know - but I still see a lot of people teaching techniques in their 'final form' only - but by taking that approach, quite a lot of good learning opportunities are passed by ..
Hope it helps,

best wishes,


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