Thinking for ourselves ...

Just sitting at the airport in Melbourne, something I seem to do a lot of nowadays, waiting for the flight that will take me to see my friends down in Tassie. I am looking forward to catching up with them - they are a solid hard-core bunch, and the kind of people I really like.

Tassie is a little out of the loop - geographically that is - and sometimes when we live that little apart from the rest of the world, we can feel is if we are being 'left behind' , in some sense. My experience is that this is simply not true! In fact, being 'isolated' (please: tasmaniacs, do not take offense) can often force us to start 'thinking' and 'problem solving' for ourselves - while those other 'lucky bunch' who live 'amongst it all' - sometimes sit there waiting to be 'spoon fed'.

Australia - is after all - pretty isolated from the rest of the world - but has at the same time (as perhaps as a result of the isolation) has produced some the the most innovative m/artists in the world.

Anyways - they are calling my flight -= gota go.
See you soon,


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