De-polarising the attack/defence concept

Imagine these two extremes - offence at one end of the spectrum - and defence at the other. When people have limited to moderate amounts of experience, they inhabit these polarised territories and are usually, quite definiteively, either working offence or defence. ie: they are attacking or defending. this differs from the very experienced, who don't act as if these two states are polarised and worls apart. ie: the experienced can be defending but can come out of that mode and attack when an opportunity presents itself - and similarly, the experienced can be attacking , whilst being midful to defend instantly, as the occasion demans. So now the picture changes - instead of attack and defence being two highly polarised extremes, one at each end of th spectrum,they instead, con-inhabit the space. This is an important concept to grasp - attackers be ready to defend - defenders be ready to attack.
Sorry - this has to be short. gotta run. will be absent for at least a week.

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