Back home ...

Back at home after a gruelling flight from Los Angeles, where most of us were in qeue's for more than two hours before getting through immigration. LAX has to be the worst airport I have ever experienced - and I have been thrugh some shockers!

The trip through the states was great though - I had a wonderful time with friends up along the west coast. A huge thanks to Dave Meyer, Mike Valentine of practical martial arts in MArin county, all the great people I met at the MAIA Supershow, Robert Jones, who loaned us his mat in Vegas, Korbett Miller at Millers Martial Arts in Seattle, Brian Johnson, BJJ Black belt and great friend from Northwest Jiu Jitsu Club, Chuck Norris, Aaron Norris and Steve Nelson from the UFAF convention, all 400 odd martial artists on the mat at the convention (yes - and you Chip Wright!) for the over-the-top enthusiasm - Gene LeBell (great to see you again old friend) - Mark Cox of Chatsworth Karate, Fariborz Azhahk of TKC in the valley - and Dick Treanor, great friend, great martial artist and all-round nice guy (we also call him 'the voice of reason') - and everyone else who made this trip what it was. Thanks again - i look forward to being back next year.

Today will be spent going through the stack of e-mails piling up on my desk, before i jump back into my regular teaching routine beginning tomorrow. This week we will also be puttin in a lot of time organizing our upcoming nationals to be held on Septmber 16th. this year will be especially good with Rigan Machado coming out for a visit.

Take care all - I am looking forward to seeing everyone on the mat.
Good training,


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