Chuck Norris fan ...

Hi everyone,sorry havn't been around for a bit. Still in the states - heavy schedule!
Just left las vagas - after accepting a special award from Chuck Norris (Making History Martial Arts Award) in front of a crowd of near 1000 UFAF (United Fighting ARts Federation) members - I was called on to give a speech. feeling a little weird as the only person in the room not dressed in a suit and tie - I opened by apologizing that I was overdressed for an australian martial artist - which got things off to a good start.
I spoke briefly about Chuck and what a cool and inspirational person he was before talking a little about the types of cultures we set in our schools and training places. UFAF has one of the friendliest and warmest cultures I have ever experienced - it was such an honour and privelage for me to be there.
People like Chuck are far and few between - selfless to their very soul. I admire Chuck's sincerity of character and the man he is - far greater than the movie idol that most people get to see. He is a person that makes a real and positive difference. I love to be around people like that!
The UFAF organization has taken BJJ into their program with huge enthusiasm. It was a great sight to see - four hundred black belts hitting the mat at one time. What a weekend.
Anyways - I had better go. Got to train with a few friends here in San Fransisco before heading down to Los Anageles this evening.Best wishes all - I shall get back online when I reack Ozzie shores at weeks end.JBW


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