Leavbing Las vegas ...

Hello everyone - I am here in Las Vegas again - my second time in a week. I need to get out of here! It is hot (116 farentheit) , with casino aircon, smoke everywhere and the undending sound of slot machoines. Not good.
After teaching several hundred of Chuck Norris's Black Belts this morning - I need to rest my voice., The auditorium was huge - so I had to yell a lot.
have the afternoon off now - one of the first breaks I have had in several weeks.

I was up in beautiful Seattle earlier this week; teaching at good friends, Brian Johnson (BJJ Black Belt) school and Korbett Millers martial arts school.ian and Korbett are good friends and excellent hosts.
before that, I was here at the MAIA convention in Vegas, and before that, I was teaching foir Mike Valentine in San Franbsisco. Thanks Mike , Karen, Milo and all all the troops at Practical MArtial ARts in MArin County.

Sorry - I seem tyo have given my trip report backwards - but sleep has been eluding me and I have yet to eat today.

I will be heading back to Los Angeles the day after tomorrow (must attend a dinner tomorrowe night with Chuck before we leave) where I will teach for MArk Cox (krav Maga and KArate school in the valley) and Fariborz Azhakhk (former NPAMA director for California). Thyen it will be on a plane and heading for home.

I miss my school - the great students there - and my family. See you all soon,

PS: Excuse the typos - my eyes are sore from the smoke-filled air - back online at home soon.


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