The next 24 hours ..

Hi all - it's dark and gloomy here, I am up three hours before sunrise to try to get my body into the USA time zone before I get on the plane for the trip across. The plan being I that will fall asleep on the plane late this afternoon - get six or seven hours sleep and then wake up ready to rock on the wednesday in the states. My first day there is a big one - with breakfast with a friend in Los Angeles - then a drive out to burbank arirport to pick up Dave Meyer who is flying down from San Fransisco, then off to Black Belt magazines offices for a photo shoot for several articles we are pulishing in the Magazine. After that we get back on a plane and fly up to San Fransisco to head out to Mike Valentine's Practical Martial Arts school in Marin county for a seminar that I will be running that evening. After which I will eat some food - before allowing my head to fall into whatever plate of soup happens to be sitting in front of me at the table.
The day after, is when the workload really strats to pick up - heading to vegas for the MAIA convention (Martial Arts Industry Association). Apparently there will be more than two dozen Aussies over there this year - a word for those guys(and gals) - HELP ME!!!
Anyways - I had better get packing - take care all - more ramblings to come during my USA visit.


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