100 little things ...

It may be said that 'talent'' allows us to hit a target that most people cannot hit - wheras 'genius allows us to hit a target that no-one else can see.' In the teaching of martial arts - and in trying to get people over the hurdles and finally to a place that allows them to truly flourish, can be a tricky business. One of the most common troubles that people seem to have is they are continully looking for 'the answer' to a problem they are having - wheras the solution, in my experience at least, is usually found in a dozen (or a hundred) little things.

"But I still can't escape form side control' they lament - 'show me another escape' - well, escaping side control is just a problem - and like most problems, the total answer is found in the correct usage of a series of smaller answers. The devil is in the details they say - another truism - not in any one detail but in the synergistic effect found by bringing the correct amount of details together to overcome the problem.

What is the secret of building a good, strong martial arts school? Well, it ain't one thing - it's a hundred little things. Want to get 100 more students, do a hundred more little things. Want to improve your business - again, 100 little things - want to pass that impassable guard - it's the serie of small, little details that will serve as the beginning of a solution, not any one 'obvious secret' - think about it, if the answer to tricky problems was to be found in one solitary solution, then most everyone would be stumbling across that solution.

So when trying to overcome difficulties with our training, be mindful of the fact that it may be a dozen little things that we need to do - and not one major thing.
Good luck with your training -
best wishes,


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