Gearing up for the 2006 Nationals.

Only a month to go before several hundred BJJ competitors gather in Melbourne for the 2006 Will-Machado Nationals. I am busy organzing the draws, the venue and the various sponsorship packages. This should be our best year yet, with the event being held in the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre for the first time.

We will have four mats running - and with all going as smoothly as last time, expect to be all wound up before sunset, leaving the evening free for people to head out together and enjoy Melbourne's nightlife.

Rigan Machado will be there as a guest referee for any black belt matches that may be set up. We shall wait and see how things shape up in that regard. Several black belt have expressed interest!

Our annual competition is a unique event. It is as much a social gathering as it is a serious BJJ tournament. I am overjoyed to see competitors leaving the mats together, to exchange ideas and thoughts on the technqiues and strategies they had bought to bear against each other only minutes earlier! You just don't see that anywhere else!

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes though; I couldn't possibly run the event without the tremendous support and help from a fantastic team of volunteers. This year will be no different! So thank you all in advance!

So if you are thinking of entering - don't wait! Entry forms and info on the comp can be downloaded from our our homepage. Get organized now for the best BJJ event of the year. And keep the Sunday afterward open - as Rigan Machado will be holding seminars at Dominance Jiu Jitsu Academy in Melbourne. Again, download the poster from our homepage.

Best wishes and good training to all,


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