Making use of downtime ...

Just got home on from my trip around New Zealand. It was great to catch up with everyone there - and the seminars were all pretty much packed. Due to a shocker of a back injury, the whole event was a little tougher than usual - but all went well nevertheless!

Bad injuries do not sit well with me. I become frustrated at not being able to do my job as well as I would like - but on the upside, when I am incapacitated, I usually find something positive comes out of it. These last few days have seen me pretty much laid up - so I got a new laptop (can't sit) so I could recline and do some work. I have spent the time working on learning some new software that came with the new Mac laptop. This is almost certainly not learning that I would have undertaken had I been mobile and healthy. So there's always an upside!

I have also worked out how to multiple video conference whilst I am on the road. it was great to be able to 'see' my family, from a hotel room in Wellington - NZ! Great Mac technology.

I remember writing one of my books whilst I was laid up after knee surgery some time back. Funny how quite often, when we are not working, and we have the time to learn and create, we can often make more money than when we are grinding it out physically (not that I wouldn't ind be able to do that right now!)

Next time you are laid up - consider doing some leqrning that you would not have otherwise undertaken. I guarantee you it will be a rewarding experience.
Stay well - enjoy yout training. I'll be back into it myself real soon.



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