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At the moment I am sitting at the Auckland airport waiting for my flight to Napier. I have just taught three seminars in Auckland (after having been down at Geoff Aitken's school in Christchurch), one for Glen Tarrant, one for Micahel Fooks and one yesterday for Karl Norton - all went well despite a severe tear in my lower back. I have never been one for pain killers, but as I could barely walk to the check-in counter on my way to NZ, I had to take medical advice and down some heavy duty pain killers. This stuff wreaks havoc with your system but at times like this, it seems necessary.
Despite the heavy dosage that I need to walk onto the mat, my head remains relatively clear and so the sessions have been good. At least that is the feedback I have received - I hope they are not just being polite. I pride myself on being able to 'deliver' and give people what they need to improve as martial artists. (A huge thanks to those who were assisting me with demonstrations during the seminars - I could not have done it without you!)
Anyways, Napier, here I come. Visiting Shane Cox and the Hawkes Bay gang is always a lot of fun. They are a great group to work with - fully engaged and eager to soak up the info. besides, they always give me a box of stale licorice (my biggest vice) after each session - I love that - and really appreciate the thought. They have to buy it three months early, open it up to the air - to make it hard and stale! What an effort!
After Napier, I am off to Wellington to work at the Police College with the New Zealand Police Defensive Tactics Cell and the Diplomatic Protection Squad before teaching for good friend Geoff Grant at the Mt Victoria Dojo on wednesday night.
I love my New Zealand trips - the people are the friendliest you'll ever meet - the countryside and wilderness can only be described as spectacular (the flyfishing is amazing - but that's another story) and the BJJ level is continuing to climb at an exponential rate.
Enough for now - time to board my flight. See you all back home in a few days.


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