To Wellington ...

What a great night at Shayne Cox's school. We went through some entering to clinch work before settling down to work escapes on the mat. The class was packed, as usual, and all did well right through the entire three hour session.
Dinner with Shayne afterward, saw us talking 'shop' til midnight. Now I'm on the plane heading to Wellington where I'll catch up with Geoff Grant and Ko Ranchod when I'll be asking Geoff to help me with a few computer dramas I am having. Trying to video conference from my laptop whilst sitting in Starbucks is proving to be more difficult than I had envisaged. It seems I need to be on some kind of weird telecom plan, especially set up for that purpose. I thought that all I had to do was find some 'hotspot' and I would be up and running. Damn!
Apart from this hiccup, I have to say that I do highly recommend the Macs - I love being able to -ichat (video conference) a couple of close martial arts friends and talk training 'eye to eye' - from one side of the world to the other. I have even done some teaching via video conferencing - way cool!
I also need to check out how to get pics up on this blog - I have some fun shots from my recent USA visit that I would like to share. if I can't do that - I'll drop them up on the main site.
Better go - we are heading down (controlled landing) - good training till next time.

PS: Here's a neat pic snapped in Las Vegas two weeks ago - 'Man bites Dog!' (Yours truly chomping on Gene LeBell's ear - yum!)


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