Transitions Training = Brainfood

If the secret to ground control is 'Position -position-position' then the secret to ground strategy is 'transition-transition-transition'. hey - that's pretty good - I should write that down!

Transitioning is all about movement - not holding position but morphing from one position to another to keep 'ahead of the opponent'. When you begin to lose a position, you don't hold it - you move on to another - and keep ahead in the 'thinking stakes'.

Transitioning develops in us, the ability to recognize:
- what's coming next
- were we should bail to when we are losing position
- an instinct for seeing attack possibilities 'around the corner'
etc - etc

We can practice transitioning skills by linking together approproate techniques in threes, four's or five's - and running through the sequence with a partner at ever increasing speeds - or we can spar with the 'no-holding' rule. Ie: once you get a position, you either attack or move on within two breaths. This keeps the thing running at good pace - and will build good transitions. This is what happens organically when we wrestle with no gi!

Food for thought -
good training,


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