What a great night it was at Dominance Jiu Jitsu academy last night.
I was proud to present the following ranks:
Dan Toole - purple belt
Doug Meijer - brown belt
Oliver Murray - brown belt
and to top the night off:
Murray Ballenden - Black Belt.

This makes Dominance one of the most 'top heavy' schools in Australia with two black belts and a stack of brown belts regularly hitting the floor. Congratulations to all of the above, but also, big kudos to Cam Rowe and Dave Hart for making it a great place to train.

Murray - you are simply great! What a long way you have come since I first met you over at 's school in Christchurch - New Zealand. It was great to have Geoff on the phone last night and bring him into the occasion. he is a true martial artist - a caring and empowering coach - and a good friend of mine (I am proud to say!) We both wish you all the best Murray - and know you will represent us in all the ways that matter.
best wishes all,


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