Comp Countdown ...

Checking my diary this morning, the first thing I notice is that it is only 12 days to go until the 2006 Nationals are upon us. I must confess, my wife melissa is the mainstay of the organization of this event. Today she is making sure the trophies are all squared away - new T-shirts printed especially for the comp - and that thank you plaques have been correctly worded for our generous sponsors. I have to begin putting together the various, mat-layout teams, referee squads, etc.

I was video-chatting Rigan Machado on the weekend - he is very keen to be out here. We are all looking forward to the event - but there is a load of behind-the-scenes work to do before the day - so when it is all done - I will be sighing with releif!

I am also looking forward to seeing those teams coming from afar - new Zealand and Perth especially. What a great effort! it wouldn't be the same without you! See you all there - we are doing our very best to make it a great day for everyone.
Best wishes,

PS; I have extended the deadling for ebtry forms till Thursday September 14th - if you need more forms, etc - go to the top of our news page and download from there.


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