Google your Game ...

What a weird title? Not really - when you think like of it like this:

Type soemthing into the google search engine -and in an instant you either get a list of responses - each ranked in order of importance or relevence (decided on by google) OR you get a 'Your Search has Returned No Matches' response.

Your basic ground game - (pre-fight - or sparring game or that matter) can be looked upon as those unique set of responses that your brain delivers up to you during the chaotic state of action.

So I put this question to each of you: Map out your game like this:
write down (in landscape format preferably) each and every position you can think of on the ground. Eg: On the mount, under the mount, on side control, under side control, underneath with oppoent in 1/2 guard, on top and in your opponents 1/2 guard .. etc.
Now ask this question of yourself - what is your number one (googled response) to each of those situations/positions. if you have to think or scratch your head to much, then what you have is your personal equivalent of 'Your Search has returned No Matches'.

What you need to do now, is fill in those blanks - have at least one or two responses written in underneath each position you have listed. THAT IS YOUR CURRENT GAME!
Do not judge it - it IS WHAT it is! it is a great start to determining where you need to do some work - to fll out and 'google optimize' your game.

Type in BJJ - you get our BJJ Australia site.

That's because this site is google optimized.

Google your game today. Your job is to create a game in a such a way that you never get the answer 'Your Search has returned No Matches'.



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