No Air - No Attitude!

(A.K.A why I like chokes)

The ultimate aim in one on one combat, is of course, to incapacitate the opponent. Switch ‘em off or break ‘em! (one of our old T-shirt prints)
The choke, obviously, is all about the ‘switching off’ part – and has huge advantages over other types of ‘finishing’.
Things I like:
- Easy to apply; requires little or no strength
- The opponent passes out, no doubt about who won!
- No arm or leg in plaster afterward to remind the opponent of who did what to them; so less chance of violent repercussions/payback
- Works on drug-induced assailants with equal effectiveness
- Buys time to cuff/strap the perp for law enforcement

One of the nice things about learning some effective choking methods, is that beginners really get a sense of Wow – I can actually stop this person in their tracks – and that is an empowering thing.
I remember one time some 15 years back, when my wife Melissa and I were in LA doing some training with Rigan and Jean Jacques Machado. She was a blue belt at the time – but weighed in around 55 kilos; and very lean. Four wrestlers had just arrived from Canada, in Los Angeles, to do some training on our mat. Rigan told them to warm up with the girl before they got into the main class.
The first guy, around 95 kgs, squared off against Melissa, who pulled him to Guard and into a triangle choke. The guy, reluctant to tap to a girl half his size, promptly passed out. He was lying there on the mat, with his three friends gaping at him, unconscious, with drool coming out the side of his mouth. After he came to, she wrestled te other three and taped them also. (at least they were smart enough to tap)
The point though, is this: the day after, Melissa’s confidence shot through the roof. Suddenly, she was empowered! Although she had ‘taped’ plenty of people out – she had never actually followed through to the point where the opponent lapsed into unconciousness. This had now become REAL for her.

That’s one cool thing about chokes – you get to shift a strategy from the Theoretical List to the Practical List. And unless you have broken a couple of arms/legs – then even with these subs, it is still on the theoretical side of the board.

Once we know something actually works – we are far more inclined to become impassioned about it.
Chokes come in a wide variety of sizes, colours and shapes – can be executed from almost all positions. Chokes are fun – chokes are friendly. Put them on your Christmas list.

Train Smart – train safe!


AnnT said…
At the risk of sounding entirely teenage, which I know I will, Oh my gawd, how frickin cool is that??!!
(I'm far enough from teenage to be comfortable with sounding like one from time to time)

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