Rigan off to Perth

hello again ...
it has been a great wek with Rigan. We have been having a load of fun. And a few of my students had the chance to get on the mat with him - as he took all my private classes for me whilst he was here - I have been dealing with a bulging disc at L3, and so am only running at 20% - Rigan, in typical Rigan fashion, has refused to allow me to train, and has taught every lesson for me during the week. He is such a nice person - a part of the family.
Anyways - he has just been dropped off at Melbourne airport to get on a plane for his wekend trip to Perth - where he'll run seminars from Adam Metcalf and Troy Flugge. You guys ('n gals) in Perth are in for a fun time.

I have a weekend of lying down in front of me after an injection of Cortozone into my spine yesterday - not good - wish I were either on the mat or walking a nice stream.

Take care all - stretch well before training - keep your spine in good shape.
best wishes,


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