Five days and counting! It's all happenning here in Melbourne right now with preps being made for our upcoming nationals this weekend. We have seen a great response from most everyone so far, with teams making huge efforts in getting here, quite a few coming from Perth and new Zealand. In Western Australia, log time student and friend Adam Metcalf is in hospital as I write this, after undergoing unplanned surgery this morning. He is discharging himself tomorrow so he can get on the plane and head over to join his team and the rest of us here in Melbourne. This exemplifies the unique spirit of our organization - we all wish you a speedy recovery Adam!!!

Rigan Machado is packed and fully prepared for his trip downunder. Rigan is a very close personal friend and one of the most giving, selfless and gifted martial artists I have ever met. I am pumped to have him coming - and for all those who can possibly make it, get to his seminar at Dominance Academy in Richmond on Sunday. It is going to be amazing!

SO if you can - by any means necessary, come and support our years biggest event. And make sure to get to Rigans seminars on Sunday. think about it - you don't need to buy a plane ticket, take time off work, pack a suitcase, spend thousands of dollars - you just need to go to Richmond with $85 in your hand. Think about it.

See you all on the weekend,
best regards,


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