Dave Meyer coming friday!

Just arrived back home after a hectic weekend of five seminars in Sydney.
Thanks Sam and Craig, Lance, Fari, Luke and Joe for making it a great weekend! I'll be back up there in three weeks time for another round of seminars, at Bargo, (Dave and Jacqui's), Steve Percevals, Michael Scott's, Anthony Lange's and Rick Spain's. can't wit to see all you guys!
This week is going to be a busy one here at my school and then I shall be picking up Dave Meyer (BJJ Black Belt and great friend from San Fransisco) at the airport on friday. Then it's off to the first Australian martial arts industry Supershow on the Gold Coast. Myself, Dave Meyer and buddy Richard Norton will all be conducting mini-seminars there - and will be hanging out for a weekend of fun and frolics, training and martial arts talk, etc. If anyone can make it, I urge you attend the Supershow; it is going to be great. A big congratualtions to Fari Salievski (director of MA Success here in Australia) for making the Supershow happen. Fari is committed to improving awareness within the martial arts industry down here on the underneath part of the world!
So all is steaming forward as usual - but the real scary thing is going to be the swimming session tomorrow morning with my wife Melissa. She warms up with 50 laps; be afraid, be very afraid.
Provided I don't drown, see you on the mat soon I hope,
train smart, train safe.


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