Gold Coast Supershow

It's monday afternoon and Dave Meyer and I are chilling out after a workout at the local pool. We arrived home in the early, early hours of this morning after spending the weekend at the Australian MArtial Arts Industry Supershow, organized by Fari Salievski, on the gold coast. It was a great event, where I had a chance to catch up with a lot of old friends. Notably, Tino cenerano and Richard Norton, were there also. It was a special moment for me when I was called on to present Richard with the Australian Lifetime acheivement award for contribution to the martial arts. He is simply one of the best martial artists on the planet - his skills are outstanding and he has black belts in many styles, including BJJ. The fact that he flew in from LA especially for the event, (just for the weekend) speaks volumes about the man. Richard is the kind of person, that if he makes a promise, he keeps it. These 'old school' values are part of what I love and admire about him.
Over the weekend, I taught a couple of sessions which were extremely well received. My apologies to all those who asked for more - but there were no extra timeslots or mat space to be had.
A lot of new school oweners bought my pro grappling Curriculum over the weekend. I foresee our association here in Australiasia, contuniing to expand beyond expectations. Welcome all.
I'll try to get a few pics up on this site soon. I didn't take my camera - but hndreds of pics were taken over the weekend - am sure some will e-mail me a few.
Best wishes all - food and rest are needed. A normal week starts tomorrow.


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