The thinker thinks and the prover proves!

What is the single biggest limiting factor of our lives? The answer; the belief systems we carry within our minds. One useful way to think about this is to look at our mind as two separate parts; the part that thinks and the part that proves. That is: the conscious and the subconscious. Whatever belief system we have is created by our conscious mind and our subconscious goes it’s hardest to prove this belief to be true.
If we change our belief system consciously, then our subconscious goes into overdrive to prove this new belief system to be the new truth. This is the way we work. It is useful to think of it like this. The thinker thinks and the prover, our subconscious, proves it to be true.
Believe yourself to be shy and your subconscious will begin to direct your behaviour in such a way that it will prove your belief to be correct and true. Believe you are a failure and unable to get the job done, then again, your subconscious will guide you toward actions, or lack of actions, and again prove your belief to be true. Believe you are strong and capable – your subconscious will shape and guide your actions and feelings and you will become strong and capable.
The thinker thinks and the prover proves.
Be careful what you think; for as sure as the sun will rise, your prover will go into overdrive and make those thoughts a reality.
This is the underlying principle of visualization and affirmation training.

Train Smart, train safe, think great thoughts.



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