Unreasonably Curious ...

Unreasonably Curious!

How have I learned almost everything that I have learned? Easy answer; I have always been UNREASONABLY CURIOUS about the things that took my interest. To me, this in itself is interesting, because whatever it is about being unreasonably curious that gives greater insight into a subject, could well be worth delivering to the students I have in my care.

If I can get them to be unreasonably curious about martial arts training, then we will have more minds at work on the problems that we face – and a greater chance at continuing to provide workable and replicable solutions to those problems.

Almost all children are curious. Perhaps even, unreasonably so, until their curiosity is usually repressed by social forces; teachers,parents, etc. Children learn language with almost no effort –they just pick it up. Children are amazing learners – because they have almost limitless curiosity. I love to promote curiosity within the minds of my students. I want to have them think their way through problems – I want them to understand all the working parts of a technique – I want them to be curious about how well the technique works under the stress of sparring ad I want them to be curious about ways to modify and improve it.

What’s over that next hill? What’s up around the next bend of the river? What secrets revealed in the unravelling of the human genome? Curiosity drives me – always has, always will I guess. Take my advice – be UNREASONABLY CURIOUS!
Unreasonable curiosity is the superfuel for our learning machine!

Train Smart – train safe!


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