Kiaora time ...

Off to new Zealand tomorrow morning. A bitter sweet occasion for me. I hjave been away from my family a bit this year and have only just come back from 9 days in Singapore and already I am leaving. I will also miss my students - I love training here at my school in geelong, and seeing everyone make such wonderful progress.
the 'sweet' part, is that I will see some of my new Zealand friends again. last time there, I was severely injured - and had to hobble through al the sessions - this time my back is 70% healed, so it will be a far more enjoyable trip.
I shall try to hit the blog again whilst i am over there - i best get packing. So see all of you Kiwi's momentarily.
Train well,

PS: here's a pic of one of the nice trout I caught last year down in the South island - fear not, he went back in after the quick pic.


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