Wellington hijinks ...

Another day in new Zealand. It has been a hectic trip so far. After seminars in Christchurch and Auckland, I went to Napier and trained with Shayne Cox's students. That was great. One purplebelt was awarded as well as three blue belts - making Napier, one strong BJJ team!
I then left for Wellington, where Ray Floro and I taught at the Police Academy for the whole of today. There were a mixed back of Police defensive Tactics Instructors, Diplomatic protection Squad, Fisheries officers, Military Police and the like. geoff Aitken made the trip up from Christchurch to join us - it was great. We worked on weapons defense for thr whole day and have only just returned to Geoff Grants place for an hours rest before we need to leave for the BJJ class this evening.
I am looking forward to tonights training - Geoff's group is fantastic, and we always get loads done and have heaps of fun doing it.
Then it's four hours sleep for me, before I need to head to the airport once again.
here's a pic of me inflight from Napier to Wellington. Sleep deprived.
Train smart - train safe.


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