Making New Years Resolutions Work!

Hi Everyone
I would like to wish you all the very best for this Christmas and the coming new year.
New years is usually a time when everyone becomes motivated to make new and positive changes in the way they live their lives - a chance to improve on last years efforts - a chance to 'start over'.
Usually though, people start off with a 'bang' - and it is not too long before their new visions begin to fade to a fizzle. Why is this so?
A large part of the reason that new years resolutions so often fail, is due of the type of motivation that underpins that resolution. One way to think of it is like this:
There are two types of motivation - the 'away from' type and the 'toward' type.
If our news years resolution is based on the 'away from' type - ie: a desire to move away from the mundane, away from the ordinary, then perhaps, though well intentioned, it is doomed to fail. The reason is simple - when we actually begin to move 'away from' that picture we have in our head, our brain says' mission accomplished' and the motivation becomes weaker.
Instead, if we were to employ the 'toward' style of motivation ie: we see oursleves moving toward a 'state of excellence', toward the 'extraordinary' then the nearer we get to that picture, then the stronger the motivation becomes.
So: it's easy. become clearer on what you want to become, on what you want to acheive - and don't think about what you are trying to 'move away from'. Make the picture, big, bright and clear. The motivation will stay strong - and you will fill it building as you make progress.
So have a great Christmas with family and loved ones, I will get back online after I return from the wilds of Tasmania - as I am about to leave for my annual jaunt into the remote regions of the central plateau.
best regards,


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