Back into the fray ...

Back into training after the short Christmas break - and I have just realised the year is nearly 10% gone already. I am about to head up to Canberra this weekend to train the newly formed Military Defensive Tactics Cell, then it's a week and a half back here at my school and with my family before I need to head to Miami in Florida (USA) to train Steve Lavallee's Black Belt team. I am really looking forward to both these sessions - as they are quite different gigs, with very different objectives.
I love the variety I have in the work I do. The wide variety of problems I need to resolve and outcomes I need to acheive keeps me thinking laterally. Mental stimulation is something that is important to me - as, or even more important than physical challenge. Our minds are just like our biceps, and they respond to stimulus in much the same way. When we increase the load our muscles need to deal with, they adapt and grow in order to handle that stress - same goes for our mental capacities. The more we 'problem solve', think and analyse - the better we become and doing so.
When I was at school, I used to dislike reading. In fact, I pretty much disliked th whole school system. As an adult though, I find that I love to read, to learn to use my mind to solve problems and exercise my creative abilities.
I encourage my friends and students to read all they can. This is probably the most inexpensive way we can empower ourselves and add to our knowledge base. if you are really hard up on cash - then head to the secondhand bookstores - where for $40 you can walk away with 1/2 dozen good books on a variety of topics.
read some of Robert Kyosaki's stuff, some Eward de Bono, some Brad Sugars; read Donald Trumps life story - and interesting guy - and read some fiction (I love science fiction) we need to fuel the imagination as much as any other part of our mind.
Well, I need to leave off for a bit. Got to write a quick article for Blitz Magazine, eat a mango, play with Felix (my youngest son) before heading to the school for the fun of evening class.
best wishes all,
train safe - train smart.


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