IF ...

Firstly, a Happy New Year to everyone! I have a great feeling about this year - and I think you all should as well! I discovered long ago - whatever it is you have in your mind, whatever pictures are there and whatever you have sincere and true desire for, will eventually come to you and shape the life you live. I was explaining this to a friend recently - who had goals but his 'self talk' was fear-based: ie: He would be thinking - I don't want to be eating so much food - and I want to be less overweight. Rather than: I want to look and feel like an athlete! See the difference: One is based on the 'toward style' of motivation, the other on the 'way from' style of motivation. I have written about this before - so I shall not repeat. Take heed though, seriously, the things you think about should be the things you want to happen - because without doubt, whatever you think of will manifest in your life. Be careful! So make this a GREAT New year - a chance to re-work your thinking, your thoughts and feelings about how you want your life to take shape. 2007 - the year of thinking creatively!

Anyways - sometimes it's easy to have our thoughts run all over the place - and leave us uncertain about how we should proceed. When that happens, I adopt a laconic attitude - I narrow my thoughts down to one single, simple, directly to the point, image.

I have been accused, on more than one occasion of being entirely too laconic. I like being that way ... it's my way of 'cutting to the chase' - so to speak.

For those who are unfamiliar with the origin of the word 'laconic' - I shall regale you with this (in my opinion) interesting history. It goes like this:

The region inhabited by the Spartans (Warriors of ancient Greece) was named Laconia. When Philip of Macedonia (father of Alexander the Great) arrived to conquer the city and sent the Spartans a message - "If I enter Laconia with my army I shall raze Sparta to the ground". The Spartans replied with a single word - "If."

Now that's Laconic! To the point!
Sometimes it is worthwhile doing this with out thoughts - and not just our words. That's what I call being focused. Be careful though, very careful, because I can assure you, whatever you begin to focus on, has a high probability of coming to pass.

Have a great year,
best wishes,


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