Stuff you don't learn in school ...

This post may seem a little off-beat. But hey, different days, different moods - so here goes.
A corny title - but when I write these posts I don't sit and think, I just type as fast as I can and get the idea down. typos and all, usually.

MMA, mixed martial arts, is the present day holistic approach to competitive fighting. If we apply the same model to the building of success in our lives, we need to also be taking the holistic approach. There is a lot of emphasis on 'building wealth' when it comes to the topic of 'success' - and I do agree, that is a very important part of the total package, but it is not the total package in itself. Just as in MMA, stand-up skills are very important, but they are not the total package.

Financial Independence is one hugely important factor, as it allows and affords us more options - options to make the choices we want to make and to do the things we want to do. Money is leverage! I always urge martial artists to take on board some of the fundamental wealth building ideas; as this is simply 'good leverage' - and although most martial artists seem to be happy to focus on 'good leverage' on the mat or in the ring, they seem to happily ignore the same concept when off the mat - and spend a lot of the time crying 'poor'.
On the other hand, there are many people I know who are so obsessed with the 'game' of making money, they have no time left for 'living'. And I have even seen some of these people, die early. To me, this is profoundly sad.

Being healthy and fit is a major part of successful living. if we are fit, we can live longer, have more energy, do more projects, and make more money. Being fit is like turning back the clock, and gaining years - we feel alive and 'able' - it is how we are designed to feel. Actually, we are designed to 'design' - this gives us the power to recreate ourselves as 'fit', 'able', 'vibrant' beings - or not!

Finding the right partner (wife, girlfriend, etc) - is also a HUGE factor. The right choice and behaviour in this area will play a huge role in how harmonious your life's journey is. This is not taught in those Financial Independence courses - but finding the right partner can be the biggest financial decision you ever make - seriously!
If you havn't already got the right partner, then you may not get one by spending all your time in the boxing gym. Go to where that kind of person may be hanging out - spend one night a week doing a yoga class - walking the dog, etc - I know plenty of people waiting to meet the 'right person' but they are waiting in their garage with their steroid monster mates - and wonderifg why they have such bad luck. Work it out!

Be edumacated! We are learning machines - our brain likes to learn. It did it once - that's how it grew. Get into learning - of all sorts. Be a rennaisance man, women, hermaphrodite.

Don't be too critical of where you are right now. Life throws many a curve ball at us. Stuff happens - good stuff - some bad stuff. Just like MMA - parts of our total game/plan always need work. Often we cannot expect to work on all areas at the same time - pick one and focus on it for a bit, whilst still dabbling in the others.
Take a holistic approach.

Anyways, I best leave it there - got to kiss my wife and son, hit the mat, make some money, read a book - and all before lunch.
Train smart - train everything!


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