FIve head to the World Submisison Champs in New Jersey

A HUGE congratulations to the five competitors from our organization who took out Gold in the Abu Dhabi Trials held in Melbourne on the weekend.

Maryanne Mullahay
Fiona Muxlow
George Sotiropoulos
Elvis Sinosic
Anthony Perosh

That tremendous result means that more than half of the Asia/Pacific team is made up from our organization. Congratulations all - I am sure you will have a fantastic time at the upcoming World Championships in the USA. For those who don't know - the 1st place wins earned each a free trip to the 8th ADCC World Champs to be held in New Jersey this May.

All five winners are not only great athletes, but passionate and positive ambassadors of the art we all love. Each has a unique perspective and something unique to offer all those fortunate enough to come into contact with them. So once again - congratulations to each of you - I hope your impending trip stateside proves to be a valuable and fun experience. Best wishes,
Trai Smart - Train Safe!

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