My Florida visit ...

Back home after a week away in Florida. Although an exciting and fun trip, it is great to be back with my family once again - and I am really looking forward to seeing my students at my school in Geelong later this week.

I spent most of my time away at Mr Steve Lavallee's school in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. What a great school, great culture and great team. I had a load of fun teaching for the four days I was there. Mr Lavallee's students are serious martial artists, who gulped down the training as fast as I could deliver it to them. I look forward to re-visiting again for more of the same.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised on my visit. Lavallee's Karate organization is one of the largest in the USA - but stands apart from most in that despite huge student numbers, the quality and standards remain high. Sadly, it seems that usually, student numbers are inversely proportionate to student quality - but not in Mr Lavallee's case. He is committed to continually raising the standards of his students and instructors - he never rests! I remain very impressed. We are in the process of developing a cutting-edge, reality-based MMA curriculum for his Organization - this will ensure that Lavellee's USA Champions will pave the way in training trends for the next decade. An exciting project. I feel both honored and excited that they have asked me to facilitate this process for them. It is going to be a busy and productive year, on many fronts.

Great training with good friends is a fantastic way to spend the day. As Steve Lavellee says " We like it - we love it - we want more of it!" Have to agree with that!
Thanks Florida friends -
Train Safe - Train Smart!

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